Xiaomi Xinmai Increased Insole Two-layer Structure Cushioning Height Increase Insole Shoe Pad -Black

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The novelty from Xiaomi will make you feel more confident, because it adds as much as 3.5 cm to the height (if you use both inserts)

Two elements, a height of 2 and 1.5 cm, will allow you to adjust the height of the insole. You can use them separately, or connect them together

Combination of quality anti-slip silicone and polyurethane coating. Your foot will feel soft and comfortable

It is an ergonomic design that fits the shape of the foot and relieves the load when walking



Brand:xiaomi xinmai
Type: Increased insole
Model: PU18ZG001
Color: black

Specification Product Name: With increasing height insole
Product material: 100% polyester fiber polyurethane
Product Specifications: One Size
Product Grade: First Class
Executive Standard: Q/WQPG 01-2012
Safety Technology Category: GB18401-2010 Class B
Package Contents

1 x Increased insole