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A FPV racing quadcopter system which includes a light weight 250mm quadcopter and a high sensitive remote controller with a mounted LCD display to realize a long endurance thrilled FPV racing.

A uniquely designed 2S 2500mAh Li-ion 18650 smart battery sets it apart from other commonly used batteries today (a comparison table between Li-ion and Li-po batteries is attached).

The battery stands out with its long endurance, stability, safety, and lightweight. With powerful thrust provided by two batteries, the quadcopter can fly 13-15 min. Additionally, the batteries can be switched between the quadcopter and the remote controller, resulting in another 13-15 min fly.

Normally with only 4 batteries, the quadcopter can fly 26-30 min.

This long endurance capability is hardly seen with any other similar 250mm drones.

A modular design makes LY-250 easily build, rebuild, repair, and maintain.

The quadcopter has only 28 screws and can be disassembled in 5 min.

Its all major parts are plug-in assembled to allow easy upgrade and add more modules such as a sports camera onto the flight control board and system itself.

Each part of LY-250 has been well designed and tested for the lowest weight, the longest endurance, and the best performance.

Its high-resistant plastic frame assures the quadcopter to pass more than 10,000 drop tests.

Its propellers are small but 100% balanced tests ensure that they hardly break themselves.

A 7-channel LY-I6 transmitter assures the 1024 class sensitive control under three flight modes: Self-stabilization Mode, 3D Flight Mode, and Full Manual Mode.

Under Self-stabilization mode and trainer mode, the quadcopter can be started by an amateur, which is also a challenge to a professional aircraft modeller to master it under Full Manual Mode.

6-axle Gyro


Remote Controller

Operating Frequency: 2.405 GHz — 2.475GHz

Max Distance: 1km

Operating Temperature: -15°C- 40°C

Battery: 2500 mAh Li-ion 2S

Receiver Sensitivity (1%PER) : -101 dBm ±2 dBm

Transmitter Power (EIRP) FCC: 20 dBm

CE: 16 dBm

Working Voltage: 1.2 A @7.4

Number of Channels: 7CH

Weight: 392g

Propeller Dynamical Balance Charging 100% Inspection: Yes

Balance value criteria: < 0.006g

Material: PA6 + GF, Crash-proof


Type 2204 brushless

KV 2300kv (Model: LY-250)

3500kv (Model: LY-250+)

Size Φ28mm

Weight: 28g

Voltage Range : 2S-3S



LED Buzzer


Voltage Display

Battery Reverse Operation Protection

Plug-in Design Flight Control Board

EVA Foam Damper

LI-ION Smart Battery


Capacity 2500 mAh

Discharge Rate: 12C

Voltage:3.7 V

Battery Type:LI-ION 2S

Energy:9 Wh


Flight Time: 3-15 minutes

Operating Temperature: -20°C to 60°C (discharging) 0°C to 45°C (charging)

Max Charging Voltage: 4.2+/-0.05

Size 18.2mm * 65.0mm


Video & Image Max Size 648 x 488

Focal Length:1.8

Lens: FOV120° IR Infrared Ray Jamming-proof Filter

Aperture F2.0

Image Distortion: -<8%

Transmission Rate 60fps /NTSC


Operating Temperature: -30°C to 80°C

Led Backlit LCD Display

Size:7 inch

Power:6.5W DC 12V

System: NTSC/PAL (auto convert)

Resolution: 800*RGB*480

Operating Temperature: -20°C to 60°C

Net weight: 255g


Weight (including battery and propellers): 398 g

Diagonal Size: 250 mm

Max Speed: 110 km/h

Max Service Ceiling Above Sea Level: 6000 m (Default altitude limit: 120 m above takeoff point)

Operating Temperature: -15°C to 40°C

Color: RED

Wheelbase: 250mm/9.8 inch

Size: 214 x 202 x 82mm/8.4 x 7.9 x 3.2 inch

Package size: 455 x120 x 260mm /17.9 x 4.7 x 10.2 inch

Net Weight: 1438g

Package weight: 2509g

Package Contents

1 * LY-250 Red Bee RC Quadcopter (with Camera Module)
1 * 2.4GHz LY-i6 7CH Transmitter (mode 2)
4 * 3.7V / 2500mAh Li-ion Battery
1 * Battery Charger (US Plug)
1 * 7 inch LCD Display
2 * Pair of Spare 3-Blade Propellers
1 * Antenna
1 * Tool Kit
1 * Monitor Holder
1 * Sticker ( Random Delivery )
1 * User Manual
1 * Camera Mount

Package Details





Package Includes
1 x LY-250 Red Bee RC Quadcopter (with Camera Module)
1 x 2.4GHz LY-i6 7CH Transmitter (mode 2)
4 x 3.7V / 2500mAh Li-ion Battery
1 x Battery Charger (US Plug)
1 x 7 inch LCD Display
2 x Pair of Spare 3-Blade Propellers
1 x Antenna
1 x Tool Kit
1 x Monitor Holder
1 x Sticker ( Random Delivery )
1 x User Manual
1 x Camera Mount