Virtual Game 3D AR Fly Car Toy Racing Car Educational Free Game App For iPhone For Android(Yellow)

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Real Shining, Vibration and Jumping: The racing car is the world's first real toy car + mobile virtual game 3D smart products. Powerful vibration effects deliver a highly realistic 3D gaming experience on the smart phone.

Puzzle, Parent-child and Interactivity: "AR Speed" game to test the player's response speed, memory, control of the game track and other abilities in the game to relax at the same time all-round enhance the puzzle; at the same time the level set to help players get the game growth and success glory.The intelligent toy car is beneficial to children's intelligence development and suitable for boys and girls, younger and older people.

Portable:A cool physical car to carry, it is parked in the back of the phone stand in the "small garage", do not play when the car put inside, play a storage effect; want to play as long as the car to the screen, anytime, anywhere Open the "fly" experience.Small and easy to carry(you can play games any time, anywhere)

Compatibility: Samsung smartphone, HUAWEI smartphone, iPhone,Smartphone

Free Game App: Just install the app from the App Store or Google Play, active your car by placing it on the Phone, and you’re off to the races.

It is small size, but offer you amazing racing/drifting experience.It can shine, vibrate and jump when playing games which have a sense of AR product experience without a helmet.

It has strong suction foam under the Pocket Racing, don't worry about the car will fall down when lying down or sitting down to play.



Type:AR Car
Model Number:Hello AR Car
Age Range:> 14 years old
Battery: None
Gaming App:Free
Packing: with original box

Dimension & Weight Net weight:13g
Gross weight:45g
Product Size:6*3.2*1.5cm
Packet Size:13*9.2*3cm
Package Contents

1 x Base
1 x Mini Car Toy
1 x User Manual in the packing box


Package Details





Package Includes
1 x Base,1 x Mini Car Toy,1 x User Manual in the packing box