Super Big Wind Portable 3 Gears USB / Battery Fan with 2200mAh 16850 Lithium Battery Working Time 7.5 Hours (Black)

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The structure of these fans is unique and fashionable.

Using the brush and slot less motor, to ensure the high winds and long-life.

Intelligent control system, reliable performance, which is fully functional and easy operation.

A professional portable fan with integration of design, simple appearance and firm structure.

Three gear speed, according to your need to debug a suitable own air volume.

Use 4.5 W brushless motor industrial fan 4 inches, big air volume is long life.

Battery compartments for disassembling structure, convenient for the user to maintain and replace the battery.

Adopt international standards of 18650 3.7V/2200mAh large-capacity lithium battery provides super long using time and strong power output.


Speed Mode: 3 Gears

Power Supply Mode: USB / Batery

Output Power MAX: 4.5W

Working Time: 6 hours in Gear 3; 3.5 hours in Gear 2; 2 hours in Gear 1

Battery Specification: 18650 Li-ion

Battery Installation: Removable

Charging Time: 5 hours

Dimension: 140x105x42mm


What's in the box?

1 x Fan
1 x USB charger cable
1 x 16850 Lithium battery
1 x User mamual

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Package Includes
1 x Fan,1 x USB charger cable,1 x 16850 Lithium battery ,1 x User manual