Skyzone SKY02X SE Version 5.8G 48CH True Diversity FPV Goggles Built-in Fan DVR Support 2D/3D HDMI IN For Racing Drone – Lollipop

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16:9/4:3 Display Mode Switching

Built-in DVR

Built-in Fan

IPD 59-69mm Adjustable

854 X 480 WVGA

Support HDMI IN

Support 2D/3D RF Mode

Dual True Diversity



Brand: Skyzone
Item Name: FPV Goggles
Item No.: SKY02X
Color: Lollipop
Quantity: 1Set


Binocular Display: 
FOV: 30 degrees (Diagonal) 
Resolution: 854 X 480(WVGA), 1,229,760 color sub-pixels
Brightness: 350
Interpupillary distance(IPD): 59-69mm Adjustable

Wireless Receiver
                         ISM 5.8GHz 48 Channel, Diversity receiver.
Preset Frequency    CH 1                 CH2         CH3           CH4
            5733M / 5771M      5752M / 5790M    5809M / 5847M      5828M / 5866M
Custom Frequency    Band   CH 1           CH2     CH3     CH4     CH5     CH6     CH7     CH8
            A       5865M      5845M    5825M    5805M    5785M    5765M    5745M    5725M
            B       5733M      5752M    5771M    5790M    5809M    5828M    5847M    5866M
            E       5705M      5685M    5665M    5645M    5885M    5905M    5925M    5945M
            F       5740M      5760M    5780M    5800M    5820M    5840M    5860M    5880M
            R       5658M      5695M    5732M    5769M    5806M    5843M    5880M    5917M
            L       5362M      5399M    5436M    5473M    5510M    5547M    5584M    5621M
Sensitivity: -90dBm±1dBm
Antenna port: 2 X SMA,50ohm

Front Camera    
FOV: 60 degrees (Diagonal) 
Resolution: 640X480(VGA)
F/NO: F/NO=2.8

Head Tracker    
Sensor: Inertial and gyro
Output: PPM 8 channel,  Optional  5-6CH,5-7CH,5-8CH,6-7CH,6-8CH,7-8CH

Micro SD: Support to 32GB
Compression: MJPEG, 30fps, AVI
Picture: JPEG
Record rate: 6Mbps

AV Signal    
Video Standard: NTSC/PAL
Video output level: 1.0Vp-p Typ. / 75ohm
Audio output level: 1.0Vp-p Typ. / 10Kohm

AV Port    
Div. AV OUT(3.5mm4P): Diversity Video, Audio output
EAR OUT(3.5mm3P): Stereo 16Ω/150mW
AV IN(3.5mm4P): Video/Audio input
HDMI 1.4 specification
1920x1080p60, 1920x1080p50, 1920x1080i60, 1920x1080i50,
1280x720p60, 1280x720p50, 576p, 576i, 480p, 480i, PC Format(Not all)
Power Supply    
DC IN: DC 7 – 26V/1A
Power Consumption: 12V input: 5.4W

Dimensions: 168(L)X92.5(W)X41(H)mm (Not include prominent part)
Weight: g (Not include package box)
Operating Temperature: 0 – +60

Weight & Dimensions


Package Contents

1 X FPV Goggles
2 X 5.8G 2dBi
1 X Audio and video cable
1 X power cable
1 X 3P Transmitter remote control cable
1 X 5P Camera cable
1 X Transmitter power cord
1 X JR remote line
1 X Futaba remote line
1 X Bag
1 X Manual