SKMEI 9106 Waterproof Quartz Leisure Business Watch Fashion Wrist Watch 30 meters deep waterproof(Orange)

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High-quality quartz movement:precise travel time,strong performance

High-hardness glass mirror:High-hardness glass mirror,as long as the new,wear-resistant scratch.

High-quality leather strap:High-quality leather strap,high-pressure printing,comfortable and soft,breathable and comfortable.

Independent stopwatch dial:seconds running function,independent small dial design,fashion dynamic.

30 meters Waterproof:stainless steel bottom cover,waterproof better,30 meters waterproof,bathing and swimming do not have to take off.

Zinc alloy vacuum plating:Case zinc alloy environment-friendly non-toxic vacuum plating.



Movement:high quality quartz movement with Japanese batteries
Features:3 degrees waterproof. 1 year long-term original battery
Material:Zinc alloy case,high-quality leather strap,thick and hard glass mirror,stainless steel bottom cover,stainless steel buckle
Specifications:Table length 245mm,weight 150g
Special features:calendar,chronograph
For people:male
Movement type:quartz
Movement brand:Seiko
Table bottom type:ordinary
Mirror material:ordinary glass mirror

Package Contents 1 x Wristwatch
Watch Maintenance Tips

1.please do not watch and magnetic objects close to each other: case of water (air) should be promptly sent to the maintenance point as to avoid corrosion of the movement:
3.if the back of the table attached with protective sheets or stickers.please remove them before use.or sweat will penetrate into the protective paper.resulting in rusty table back: not touch the watch a variety of solvents and various types of case strap will be subject to corrosion and discoloration.corrosion: (quartz watches only) at room temperature 5 ° C ~ 35 ° C range can be stable and accurate operation.the temperature exceeds 50 ° C will lead to battery leakage or shortening of electricity
Pool life. Do not put the watch for a long time in the low temperature -10 ° C environment.because the air conditioners will lead to slow or fast time.when the watch returns to room the reply
6.the watch according to the waterproof performance can be divided into diving watch.waterproof watch and not waterproof watch. Waterproof watch is to rely on the table glass.back cover.table.etc. at the waterproof apron
Meet the corresponding standards.divided into different levels:
(1) sweat (SWEAT-RESISTANT):very easy to understand.just to prevent sweat ran inside the table:
(2) WATER-RESISTANT:It is the occasional water does not matter.for give the flower water accidentally sprayed on their own hands.and not nervous,
Take it off to clean it no to prevent accidental small splash in life:
(3) 30 m waterproof (30M.3ATM.3BAR):watches have a "30M" the words of the table.which is waterproof.and can be used for daily grooming or rain.but the Lord
If in order to prevent the movement from being damaged by dust and moisture.30 meters waterproof.professionals explain that.per square centimeter area can withstand the pressure of 3 kg.about static
State is equivalent to the pressure of 30 meters depth.the same as the pressure of 3 atmospheres. For our average consumer.we just remember a waterproof watch
The most basic beginner
(4) 50 meters waterproof (50M.5ATM.5BAR):watch the "50M" the words of the table.that is.50 meters waterproof the true meaning of the consumer mind
Waterproof watch.can be used for swimming and general housework waterproof watch. Remember not to adjust the watch in the water:
(5) diving watch (100 meters waterproof.200 meters waterproof.300 meters waterproof.etc.):is a professional waterproof table.can be used for swimming and diving and other underwater work.

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Package Includes
1 x Wristwatch