Silver FPV 2 Axle Brushless Gimbal With Controller For DJI Phantom GoPro 3 4(Black)

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Upgrade to high-quality brushless PTZ control panel, chips are original chip, increase the supply anti-reverse polarity protection, counter-power to prevent customers from unintentional indirect cause significant damage

Original sensor chip, better accuracy, and change the sensor interface, the connection is more solid, easy to loose, iic error does not occur;

Upgrade the roof, increasing the head hook hole, easy to use PTZ hook

You can use the remote real-time control of pitch and roll angle

Extended function: to set flip, installed on fixed wing;

Handheld PTZ can be changed; (user to modify, we does not provide technical support)

Can be upgraded to three PTZ (user to modify, we does not provide technical support)



Name: CNC metal brushless gimbal

Material: CNC Aluminium alloy

Motor: Model 2208 kv80 Brushless motor

Control Panel: BGC3.0 Brushless control panel

Software: BGC2.2

Strap: for Gopro camera strap

Compatible camera: for GOPRO 3 3+ 4

Battery plug type: JST plug / XH-2.54 plug

Voltage: 12V/3cell Lipo battery

Compatible model: for DJI phantom I, II and other DIY drones

Color: black

Size: 80 x 80 x 80mm

Package size: 125 x 125 x 105mm

Net weight: 121g

Pacakge weight: 162g

How To Install

1. Remove the damping balls, open the top cover of the mounting plate.

2. Install the top cover of the mounting plate to the bottom of the DJI phantom.

3. Install the damping balls.

4. Install your GOPRO camera,and fasten it with straps

Notes 1. Recommended power supply for the gimbal is 12V. (3cell lipo battery)

2. The gopro camera must fasten on the gimbal. (Not any loose, this is very important)

3. Adjust the gopro camera left or right, let the camera almost at level.

4. Please do not power on the gimbal until the Gopro camera is fixed on the gimbal.

Package Contents

1 x brushless PTZ control panel(with some screws)

1 x cable

1 x blue Camera Ties

Package Details





Package Includes
1 x brushless PTZ control panel(with some screws),,1 x cable,,1 x blue Camera Ties