PIPO V3 Panorama Camera VR Camera 2048 x 1024 /30fps WIFI 800mAh for IOS / Andriod (White)

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Dual panorama video

Elecam720° without dead angle, shoots completely different scenery, with an ability of capturing more detailed and high-quality images distinguishing from other normal cameras.

System requirements

The camera supports smartphone connecting android or ios system.

VR panorama records

Can record the current scenery no omission, it can be previewed simultaneously with your VR camera.

Deploy with mini tripod & one-fourth inch base conector

The camera can be installed in a variety of photography tripod, helmet, room, vehicles

Multiple uses

Photographic recording/Video recording/Room monitoring/Meeting recording/Driving recording



Brand: PIPO V3
Type: panoramic camera VR camera

Product Details

External T-flash Card: Up to 64GB CLASS 10 or more
T-flash Card, Max 64GB, Above Class 10
Battery Type:Li-Ion Battery Capacity Built-in 800mAh
Video Power Dissipation: 4.2V500mA
Charging Time: Around 2 hours
Input: AC100-240V.50-60HZ, Output: DC5V 1A
Using Time: 40 minutes continuous recording for 40 min
Dual panorama 2048 x 1024 30fps video
Hardware Specification: Dual OV9750 + Dual 6G 210 degree lens + WIFI
Sensor: Dual OV9750
LENS: Dual 210 degrees 6G Metal lens Fno = 2.0
Microphone: built-in MIC
Buzzer: 0.8W * 1
Video Format: 2048 x 1024 at 30 fps MP4 H264
Picture Format: JPG
Wireless Fidelity: FN-LINK WIFI
GPS: UBX-G7020-KT / KA
USB: USB2.0 data communication
USB2.0 Data Communication
Key: 3key, power, REC, wifi
Software: Wellcam720
Smartphone Software: IOS / Andriod

Dimension & Weight (L*W*H): 67.5 x 67.5 x 48.35
Package Contents

1*PIPO V3 camera


What's in the box?

1 x camera

Package Details





Package Includes
1*PIPO V3 camera