Original Xiaomi Mijia Portable Electric Shaver USB Rechargeable 60HRC Japan Steel Mens mini Electric Shaver for Travel Smart Home

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The MIJIA Portable Electric Shaver uses an all-metal body with a minimalist design. The top side was made using an aluminum anodizing technology. It's also polished to produce the brilliant high-gloss effect. as for the body itself, it is made of an anodized sandblasted aluminum. thanks to a great appearance it looks like a map pack. the razor thickness is 13.2mm, while it weighs only 100g. So we are dealing with the most portable electric razor wearing a top brand.
The blade of the MIJIA Portable Electric Razor is made of an advanced steel. It's been imported from Japan. according to the manufacturer, it's the same material used on Samurai swords. its hardness is 60HRC. so the steel is nice for the skin and is strong and difficult. the blade is in a 27 degrees. there are up to 1148 holes to ensure maximum contact with the skin. therefore, this sharp blade improves sharpness and makes it easy to cut off the beard.
The MIJIA Portable Electric Shaver uses a Lithium-Polymer Battery. There is also a USB Type-C port for charging the battery. you can do it even using your smartphone. however, the battery is designed for 30 days of work (3 minutes of shaving a day).
finally, the rotor uses a high speed motor of 7800 rpm. this engine is very quiet-the race-time noise is just 65dB.
this shaver is ideal for those who travel often and need an essential accessory without taking up too much space.

General Brand: XIAOMI
Color: Black
Product details Power:5W
Charge:USB Type-C
Cutting head:Steel cutter head
Dimension & Weight Weight: 100g
Package Contents

1 x Shaver
1 x User Manual

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Package Includes
1 x Shaver,1 x User Manual