New Replace Toothbrush Heads For Philips Sonicare Diamond Clean P-HX6074 HX6074(Mixed color)

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100% Brand new and high quality!
Professional electric toothbrush heads, help good care your dental health.
High quality generic sonic replacement brush.
Contoured bristle field fits the natural shape of teeth.
Nylon bristles for offer exceptional cleaning of tooth surfaces and deep between the teeth.
Effectively removes plaque without irritating gums.
Dentists recommend replacing your brush head every 3 months for optimal results.



Item Type:Toothbrushes Head
Size:8.5cm / 3.4in
Age Group:Adults
Type:Toothbrushes Head
Quantity:1pack / 4pcs
Length:8.5cm / 3.4in
Color:Mixed color
Material:POM Plastics & Nylon 612 & 304 Stainless Steel

Product Details

Type: Toothbrushes Head
Material: POM Plastics & Nylon 612 & 304 Stainless Steel
Quantity: 1pack / 4pcs
Length: 8.5cm / 3.4in
Color: Mixed color
Total Weight: 27g

Notes Suitable for following toothbrushes:
For HX6100/HX6150/HX6411/HX6431/HX6500/HX6511/HX6530
For HX6711/HX6730/HX6731/HX6732/HX6780/HX6781/HX6782
For HX6902/HX6910/HX6911/HX6912/HX6930/HX6932/HX6933
For HX6942/HX6952/HX6982
For HX9332/9382/9342
For Sonicare R710
For Sonicare R732
For Sonicare RS910
For Sonicare RS930
For Sonicare RS950
Package Contents

4 * Toothbrush Replacement Heads

Package Details





Package Includes
4 * Toothbrush Replacement Heads