New Removable Floating Grip Selfie Rod Buoyancy Camera Handle Mount Stick For GoPro Hero(green)

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100% Brand new and high quality!
This multi-purpose camera handlegrip gives you great control when filming and will keep your camera afloat if you drop it into water.
The unscrewable endcap also lets you creat neutral buoyancy when underwater.
The additional tripod screw adapter makes it fit for Gopr and for 1/4 tripod mounts.
Floating Buoyancy for personal cameras
Screwable water tight end cap
Direct attachemnet for most helmet cameras
Pocket sized and lightweight
The handle is rubber for extra grip and comes with a safety strap.
Non-slip soft foam handle
Quick spin knob for fast and secure mounting
Connects to tripod mount on camera
Adapter rotates 180-degrees
Unique ball-head for easy adjustment to any angle
Lightweight, portable, easy to carry
Durable Metal Shaft
Designed to save your camera if dropped in the water, it doubles as a hand grip and a floatation device.
Float design to keep camera with waterproof shell float on water.
Professional buoyancy handheld stick used in water sports, allows you to capture wonderful moments in water.( be useful for surfing, swimming etc.)
Adjustable wrist strap, so you have double protection.
Come with a wrist strap to avoid you dropping it
Light and easy to handle
Professional custom rod buoyancy handheld stick
Adjustable wrist strap, so you have double protection.
Increased grip strength, easy to grip.
Have a good Buoyancy.


Product Details

Brand Name:None
Package: No
Model Number: None
Material: Metal,rubber
Extened Length (mm): Other
Folded Length (mm): Other
Colors:red, purple, green, blue, orange
it is designed for For GoPro Hero 1 2 3 3+

Package Contents 1 x Floating Hand Grip
1 x Adjustable strap

Package Details





Package Includes
1 x Floating Hand Grip,1 x Adjustable strap