N20 DC Gear Motor Large Torque Motor + Smart Car Model Wearable Rubber Wheel 47X12mm for Smart Car

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Very wearable,beautiful appearance.
Great for DIY and smart car projects.
This is DC gear motors and the torque is large, the current is low and they are suitable for battery applications. They are very popularly used in smart car, boat model and airplane model.

Type Motor
Model N20 DC
Quantity 1 Piece
Operating voltage 3V-9V DC
No-load speed 75RPM @ 3V, 150RPM @ 6V
No-load Current 20mA @ 3V, 30mA @ 6V
Reduction ratio 1:100
Shaft Shaft diameter: 3mm(D type)
Shaft length: 10mm
Torque Rated torque: 0.35kg.cm
Stall torque: 2.4kg.cm
Rubber Wheel Tire color: black
Tire diameter: 47mm
Tire width: 12mm
Inner diameter: 3mm (match the motor whose shaft is D-shape and diameter is 3mm, such as N20 gear motor)
Package Contents

1 x Motor
1 x Rubber Wheel



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Package Includes
1 x Motor,1 x Rubber Wheel