Misida PL-603 Pushing Fat Machine -EU Plug

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One button opens

LED display

5 kinds of vibration modes, multi-speed

8 changeable massage heads

Push fat massage machine is the use of the principle of physical high-frequency vibration, while doing massage up and down while vibrating, resulting in a similar feeling with the manual massage, special set of different massage methods and adjustable vibration speed.

Pushing fat machine with different shapes of massage head, to meet the needs of different parts of the body, beautiful shape and generous, safe and practical, but also massage lumbar, cervical and other parts.



Type: Pusher

Specification One button to open, LED display
5 vibration modes, multi-speed
8 types of massage head:
Smooth massage head
Round bead massage head
Wave type massage head
Matte type massage head
Tai Chi massage head
Point type roller massage head
Flexible angle massage head
Roller massage head

Power cable length: about 180cm
Usage: Power plug
Input voltage: 220V/50Hz
Maximum power consumption: 28W
Product rotation speed: 2200-2500RPM
Host material: ABS

Package Contents


8*massage head