Mirarobot MRK C1000 4.9-5.5V Input Voltage Programmable USB Charger Set with Discharge Function

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With a discharge function, the maximum discharge current up to 300ma, the maximum discharge capacity of 65535mAH.

Charge and discharge through software programming to check the battery performance.

Two levels of independent overcharge protection to prevent the charge from catching fire and improve safety.


High-voltage lithium battery charge cut-off voltage is configured to 4230mv, flashing 2 times when charging, common lithium battery charge cut-off voltage is configured as 4200v, flashing 1 time when charging, please pay attention to the flash situation and the battery when charging, this wrong configuration It will cause insufficient charge or damage the battery, affecting the battery life.

Charging cut-off current is usually 1/10C, too low cut-off current will greatly extend the charging time, the maximum charging current should not exceed the value specified in the battery data sheet, so there is a good service life, generally 1.5C



Brand: Mirarobot 
Item No.: MRK C1000
Input voltage range: 4.9-5.5v
Charging current: 100-1000ma configurable
Discharge maximum current: 300ma
Charging voltage accuracy: +-20mv
Charging cut-off current: more than 60ma
Charge current control accuracy: +-20ma
Single flashing light – ordinary lithium battery: 4.2V
Continuous flashing of light  - high voltage lithium battery: 4.35V
Charging time protection: configurable, maximum 65535 seconds
Discharge capacity: Configurable, maximum 65535mAH
Low battery protection: 2.7V
Battery connection protection: Yes

Package Contents

1 x USB Charger(set)