Makibes EX28A Smartwatch 5ATM Water Resistant Bluetooth 4.0 Call SMS Reminder Compatible with IOS Android – (Blue)

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One of the things that sets the Makibes apart from many other feature-laden smartwatches available is its 5ATM waterproof rating – withstands pressures equivalent to a depth of 50 meters, making it a charm when being exposed in rain, splashing, accidental submersion, showering, surface swimming, shallow snorkeling.
Keep Track Of Sporting Activities
There are several features of the Makibes Ex18 that give it the sports watch tag with one such feature being the pedometer that keeps track of the number of steps taken in real time while using the watch.
In addition, the sportiness of the watch is also underscored by the calculator which is able to count the calories burned by the user, two aspects that come when it comes to controlling your sporting activities.
The Battery Life Craze
It should also be noted that, battery life is a typical issue that most smartwatch users are concerned about. Makibes EX18, however, turned the table by allowing for a extended 1-year standby.


Type: Sports watch
Model: Makibes EX28
Quantity:1 Piece
Color: Black
Compatible:Android 4.5, iOS 8.0 and above
APP: xwatch


Bluetooth: 4.0
Standby: Upto 1 years in timing state
5ATM Waterproof: Withstands pressures equivalent to a depth of 50 meters
(rain, splashing, accidental submersion, showering, surface swimming, shallow snorkeling)
Functions: Phone call and SMS Reminder, Backlight, Remote control, , Pedometer, Calories counter, etc.

Dimensions & Weight

Dimensions: 10*10*7.5cm
Weight :0.141kg

Package Contents

1 x Makibes EX28A
1 x user Manual

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Package Includes
1 x Makibes EX28A,1 x user Manual