[Internation Version]Yunmai Balance Smart Body Fat Scale Bluetooth 4.0 APP Remote Control Body Composition Monitor(Black)

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Using fitness technology, lighting fast bluetooth connectivity, and body index analiysis capabilities, our body composition scales and mobile app offer actionable insight into your overall health by providing detailed measurements of 10 key body composition measurements.

You can easily sync Yunmai with a variety of other wellness apps, tools, and technologies such as Apple health,FitBit, Google Fit etc. With more data seamlessly streamlined at your fingertips, you can get a better grip on your health.

Taking only seconds to set up, the app is an easy, intuitive and family-friendly tool available to anyone looking to lead a healther lifestyle.

There are enogh distractions keeping us from our healthiest selves, so it cuts away all the unnecessary bits to offer visualized data in the simplest possible from through its insightful body index analysis technologt and custom mobile APP.




Product Details

Power: AA battery*3
working current≤10mA
Sensor: Pressure sensor*4
Body Sensor*4
Measurements: weight,body fat,BMI,lean mass,bone mass,water weight,BMR and body age, Protein,Visceral Fat
Display: 2.92 inches concealed LED screen
Connection : Low-power Bluetooth 4.0 User Quantity: Maximum 16
Material: Front Cover: Tempered Glass, Back cover: Eco-friendly ABS, BIA chip, higly-precise 304 stainless weight sensor, TI low-wattage Bluetooth 4.0 chip

Weight measure range: 3kg~150kg
accuracy: 0.1kg
BMI measure accuracy: 0.05kg Body fat measure
range: 5%~75%, accuracy: 0.1%
Lean mass measure range: 15%~70%,accuracy: 0.1%
Water weight measure range: 15%~70%
accuracy: 0.1%
Bone weight measure accuracy: 0.1kg Body age measure accuracy: 1 year old

Dimension & Weight Size: 260*260*19mm
Weight: 1.2kg
Package Contents

1 *Scale




Package Details





Package Includes
1 *Scale