iiutec R-cruiser Robotic Vacuum Cleaner 2.95CM Slim Body 2000mAH Built-in Battery Floor Cleaner with Remote Controller(Black)

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Global first ultra slim body robotic vacuum cleaner R-Cruiser

Bionic type high coverage running path system

2000mAH A-Grade Li-battery built-in for long working hours

2.95CM Ultra slim body enable it working in the narrow space

2 charging modes:charging with the standard micro USB charging plug or power bank

Shockproof and fall-proof with the perfect protection

60dB low noise level working process design

Optimized spot mode for the low level area (such as area under sofa or table)

Designate different working mode to different environment

Equipped with several sensors to accommodate any situation

Three-stage Cleaning System

Sweeping: side-brushes spinning with high speed, sweep the dust and ashes down to the bottom of the device

Brush: brush the dust and ashes into the dust box

Suction: high-efficiency motor with vacuum suction, release with clean air after the filter process




Product Details Working Voltage:7.4V
Rated Power:7W
Battery Capacity:2000mAh
Charging Time: The charging time is around 2 hours if you use the USB charger with 1A current output.
The charging time is around 1 hour if you use the USB charger with 2A current output.
Working Time:≥90min
Working Temperature:from -10degree to 45degree
Working Humidity: ≤90% RH
Noise Level:60dB
Capacity of the Dust Box:35ml
Charging Input Voltage: DC 5V
Charging Output Current:2A
Dimension & Weight

Product Dimension:258*228*29.5mm
Product Weight:1.3kg

Package Contents

1x Robot Vacuum Cleaner
1x Remote Controller
2x Side Brush
1x USB Cable
1x User Manual

Package Details





Package Includes
1x Robot Vacuum Cleaner,1x Remote Controller,2x Side Brush,1x USB Cable,1x User Manual