Handheld Extendable Pole Monopod Selfie Stick For Action Sport Camera(Black)

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The Extended 97cm, access to new vision, closer to the wonderful picture, contraction 38cm, can easily carry to carry out.

The extension rod ends contain ball – socket bearings designed so that you can rotate your GoPro 360 degrees to rotate without interrupting and removing your camcorder.

Super comfortable handle for easy grip, you can hold your hands. Silicone Design Enjoy a comfortable shooting experience.

Turn the lock design for easy use. Adjust to the appropriate visual rotation fixed lock to achieve easy self-timer

The bottom design has a universal quarter nut that can be used with a tripod.

Durable and waterproof, aluminum alloy extension rod, durable at the same time more waterproof, whether it is water or underwater can be freely shot.

The shaft is made of advanced "inner eccentric" aluminum tube feel more comfortable. Looks more beautiful.

Compatible with GoPro HERO sports camera series, SJCAM sports camera. Xiaomi Xiaoyi sports camera series, as well as mobile phones.



Apply to Brand: Amkov, Dazzne, Eken, Elephone, FIREFLY, GitUp, Gopro, MEEEGOU, Mobius, Ordro, Polaroid, SJCAM, Sony, Soocoo, Xiaomi
Compatible with: A9,Action Camera,AMK 5000,AMK 5000S,AMK 7000S,Dazzne P2,Dazzne P3,EKEN H9,Elephone Explorer Pro,FIREFLY 5S,FIREFLY 6S,GitUp Git1,Gitup Git2,Gopro Hero 1,Gopro Hero 2,Gopro Hero 3,Gopro Hero 3 Plus,Gopro Hero 4,GoPro Hero 4 Session,GoPro Hero Series,Isaw,MEE+5,Mobile phone,Mobius Action Sports Camera,Polaroid Cube,SJ4000,SJ4000 Plus,SJ4000 WiFi,SJ5000,SJ6000,SJ7000,SJCAM 4000 plus,SJCAM 5000 plus
Accessory type: Lengthen Selfie Arms
Material: Alluminum Alloy
Telescopic length: 38cm-97cm

Dimension & Weight Product weight: 0.335 kg
Package weight: 0.417 kg
Package size (L x W x H): 41 x 6 x 5.8 cm
Package Contents

1 x Self-timer pole
1 x rotating base
1 x waist screw
1 x anti-lost rope

Package Details





Package Includes
1 x Self-timer pole,1 x rotating base,1 x waist screw,1 x anti-lost rope