Feiyu Tech G6 3-Axis Brushless Handheld Gimbal Stabilizer for GoPro HERO6 HERO5 RX0 Action Camera

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Excellent splashproof technology ,no more resistance between you and the rain.

Unlimited rotation of tilt and pan axes allows taking wider footage.

Users can accurately compose the pictures without external monitor with a 35 degree elevation angle of roll axis in design.

Suitable for many kinds of cameras with no need for replacing other mounting plates.

Anti-drop screws design without fear of missing any parts.

It is pretty straight-forward to get information from OLED screens, such as battery indicator of the gimbal,working mode and the camera mode.

Customers are provided more options with the customized adapter for Sony RX0.

Power on and off with a reminder of the beep can be heard clearly outdoors.

Change different modes of camera by one button.

It becomes utterly straightforward to have camera do photography.

5000 mAH battery provides a full supply of power to gimbal and camera.

Intelligently follow pre-set route in auto-rotation mode, matching motion time-lapse or automatic shooting.

Manually lock the angles of two axis without missing any splendid moments.

Find the unique beauty created by separate roll rotation control.

Trigger button to quickly enter lock mode and reset the gimbal.

Intelligent initialization to automatically check motionless desk and auto-complete.

Quick upgrade, set parameters, reset and virtual remote control with APP.

Three main working modes fit for most scene.

Compatible with extension pole and tripod with 1/4 inch thread hole on the side of handle and on the bottom.



Brand: Feiyu Tech
Item No.: G6
Axes: 3-Axis
Tilting Range: 360°(Unlimited)
Panning Range: 360°(Unlimited)

Rolling Range: 320°
Tilting Speed: Min: 2°/s
Max: 75°/s
Panning Speed: Min: 3°/s
Max: 150°/s
App Setting: Yes
Battery: 26650 3.7V 5000mAh
Charging Time: It take 12 hours to fully charge G6 with 5V/1A power adapter
It take 7 hours to fully charge G6 with 5V/2A power adapter
Operation Time: Without charging the cameras:12 hours
Charging the cameras when using:5 hours
Weight: 336g(Not including battery and camera)

Package Contents

1 x Handheld Gimbal
1 x Battery
1 x Charger