Elegant faux leather case 9pcs of tools for manicuring, grooming or daily use

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Tools Inlude: Large nail clipper, medium nail clipper,
cuticle clipper, scissor, nail file, tweezer, cuticle pusher, earpick and acne needle
Great for keeping your nails and cuticles looking perfect
Beautifully packaged in an attractive case, with easy zipper closure, convenient to use and carry
Material: Tools are made of stainless steel, case is made of faux leather


Nail Tools Color: Silver
Cortex Kit Color: Brown
Product net weight: 173 g
Package Weight: 184 g
Case Size (L x W): Approx. 4.1 x 3.1 inch / 10.4 x 7.9 cm (fold)

Package Contents

1 x large nail clipper
1 x medium nail clipper
1 x scissor
1 x cuticle pusher
1 x acne needle
1 x tweezer
1 x earpick
1 x double side nail file
1 x cuticle clipper
1 x Leather manicure kit


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Package Includes
1 x large nail clipper ,1 x medium nail clipper ,1 x scissor ,1 x cuticle pusher ,1 x acne needle ,1 x tweezer ,1 x earpick ,1 x double side nail file ,1 x cuticle clipper ,1 x Leather manicure kit