Colorful Rubber Band Powered Flying Birds Toys New Classic Toys Windmill Funny Toy Kids Gift(Random Color)

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Common problems for flying bird toys :

1. It can not fly, directly drop to the ground when leaving from hand or the head goes downward
Solution: turn up the tail position gently for five seconds, the tail goes high to collect the wind, so that the birds can fly and the head will not go downward!
2. Flying birds toys tilt to one side when flying
Solution: the poor balance on both sides results in tilting, there is a counterweight component in the toy accessories, as long as hang it in the bamboo stick in the opposite of the tilting direction, the problem is solved.
3. Observe whether the middle line of the tail is too much deviation when the flight appears unsatisfactory state, too much deviation will lead to poor flight or tilt to one side.
Solution: force to fold the other side of the tilting, but pay attention to the intensity, do not break
4. Pls follow the  assembly instructions.



1. Product Name: Rubber band powered flying birds
2. Material: Plastic
3. Size: about 5.5-29cm/ 2.17-11.42in
4. Control mode: inertia
5. Packing: OPP bag, four-color random delivery

Package Contents

1X Flying Birds (Need to assemble)

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Package Includes
1X Flying Birds (Need to assemble)