50PCS iHealth EGS-2000 Blood Glucose Test Strip

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1. Please store in the temperature range of 4 degree – 30 degree

2. Do not refrigerate or freeze

3. Operating environment before use 10 degree -40 degree and humidity 25-28% RH

4. The test paper is valid for five months after it is turned on.

5. After the test strip is removed, cover the test tube cover immediately.

6. For details, please refer to the instruction manual.



Type: Blood Glucose Test Strip
Model: EGS-2003

Product Details 1. Scope of application: suitable for blood sampling test of human fingertips
2. Institutional composition: consists of three parts: steel needle, plastic handle and protective cap. Steel needle is selected from stainless steel wire flat grinding
3. Storage conditions: should be stored in the dark, moisture-free, non-corrosive gas. Well ventilated interior Product performance: blood collection needle is irradiated by irradiation.
Package Contents

Test Strip: 50PCS
Disposable Blood Collection Needle: 50PCS