19 in 1 Repair Tool Screwdrivers Kit For Smart Cell Phone Mobile Devices

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100% Brand New and High Quality
19 In 1 Mega Tool Kit For All Types Mobile Phones
Safe and professional tools
The 19 in 1 precision screwdriver set is an essential kit to have for repairing various appliances
such as mobile phones, tablets, PCs etc…
It is ideal for the precision work, for watches and mobile phones.
The anti-slip handle has been designed to give you more comfort while operating,
especially with small screws and devices.
Safely opens the phone, without damaging the cover
Replace damaged worn parts/fascias/housings/LCD screens on your phone



Material: steel & plastic

Package Includes

1x 0.8 Ppentalobe Screwdriver
1x 1.2 Pentalobe Screwdriver
1x 1.5 Phillips Screwdriver(000#)
1x 2.0 Phillips Screwdriver(00#)
1x 2.0 Slot Screwdriver
1x T4 Hexalobular Socket Screwdriver
1x T5 Hexalobular Socket Screwdriver
1x T6 Hexalobular Socket Screwdriver
1x Metal Scraper with Plastic Handle
1x Hobby Knife with Plastic Handle
1x Straight Tweezer
1x Curved Tweezer
1x PVC Suction Cup
2x Blue Triangle Paddle
2x Blue Plastic Pry tools
1x Metal Scraper
1x Nylon Spudger

Package Details





Package Includes
1x 0.8 Ppentalobe Screwdriver,1x 1.2 Pentalobe Screwdriver,1x 1.5 Phillips Screwdriver(000#),1x 2.0 Phillips Screwdriver(00#),1x 2.0 Slot Screwdriver,1x T4 Hexalobular Socket Screwdriver,1x T5 Hexalobular Socket Screwdriver,1x T6 Hexalobular Socket Screwdriver,1x Metal Scraper with Plastic Handle,1x Hobby Knife with Plastic Handle,1x Straight Tweezer,1x Curved Tweezer,1x PVC Suction Cup,2x Blue Triangle Paddle,2x Blue Plastic Pry tools,1x Metal Scraper,1x Nylon Spudger