12Pcs Screwdriver T3-T10 Tweezer Set Repair Cellphone Tablet Pry Tool Kit

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Professional tool kit, easy use screwdrivers with magnetized and industrial strong built for precisi
on repair works, can hold and turntable with grips.
Include Sizes : T3, T4, T5, T6, T7, T8, T10, Prying Tool, Cross Hair or Philips size, Flat head size, and two different angle tweeters.
Durable with precision cut sizes to ensure you can get the job right like a professional. Support
end give you the ability to turn the screw driver and holding it still, and magnetized tips to hold
the screws to avoid dropping the tiny parts. Use this kit to repair cell phones, laptops, glasses or other precisions works.



Compatible: Universal sizes screwdrivers, compatible with most devices old and new.
Fits for: iPhone/iPad/Samsung
Weight:125 g
Package weight:145 g

Package Includes

1 x T3 Screw Driver
1 x T4 Screw Driver
1 x T5 Screw Driver
1 x T6 Screw Driver
1 x T7 Screw Driver
1x T8 Screw Driver
1x T10 Screw Driver
1x Prying Tool
1x Cross Point (+)
1X Philips size(-)
1 x curved tweezers
1 x straight tweezers

Package Details





Package Includes
1 x T3 Screw Driver,1 x T4 Screw Driver,1 x T5 Screw Driver,1 x T6 Screw Driver,1 x T7 Screw Driver,1x T8 Screw Driver,1x T10 Screw Driver,1x Prying Tool,1x Cross Point (+),1X Philips size(-),1 x curved tweezers,1 x straight tweezers