Zhiyun Smooth Q 3-Axis Handheld Brushless Gimbal for Smartphone within 6.0 Inch GoPro Hero3/4/5 (Black)

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12-hour Continuous Work Time.

Innovative Handwheel Control on Exposure Compensation/ISO/White Balance/Shutter Speed/Focus.

Convenient 5V/1000mA Power Output to Mobile and other external devices.

Supports Max. Payload of 260g(0.57lb) Allowing Multi-Spec Lens Add-ons.

440g Ultra Light(Excluding battery) and Compact Construction.

360° Rotation Along Pan, 320°along Tilt and Roll axes.

Two-Way Mobile Clamp for Easy Bi-Directional (Vertical and Horizontal) Mounting Switch.

Auto Object Tracking and Time-Lapse Capabilities with Multi-Style Filter Options.



Brand: Zhiyun
Item Name: Smooth Q
Color: Jet Black

Product Details Operation Voltage: 3.6V(Min.); 4.3V(Max.)
Operation Current: 80mA(Min.); 110mA(Standard); 6000mA(Max.)
Charging Voltage: 5V
Charging Current: 2000mA
Following Deviation in Static State: ±0.01°(Min.); ±0.04°(Max.)
Following Deviation in Motion State: ±0.05°(Min.); ±0.3°(Max.)
Tilt Mechanical Range: 320°
Roll Mechanical Range: 320°
Pan Mechanical Range: 360°
Controllable Tilt Angle: -135°(Min.); +185°(Max.)
Controllable Roll Angle: -30°(Min.); +30°(Max.)
Controllable Pan Angle: 360°
Operation Temperature: -10°C (Min.); 25°C (Standard); 45°C(Max.)
Battery Runtime: 8h(Min.); 12h(Standard); 14h(Max.)
Charging Time: 2.5h
Valid Payload: 75g(Min.); 260g(Max.)
Compatible Models: Smartphones with sizes within 6.0", GoPro Hero3/4/5(need adapter)
Dimension & Weight Package Size: 36.8 X 15.5 X 7cm
Package Weight: 1000g
Package Contents

1 X Smooth 3 Gimbal
1 X Micro USB Cable
1 X User Manual
1 X Storage Bag


Package Details





Package Includes
1 X Smooth 3 Gimbal,1 X Micro USB Cable,1 X User Manual,1 X Storage Bag