Small Size Stainless Steel Gravity Hook Outdoor Foldable Grappling Serrated Multifunctional Rescue EDC Tool – Silver

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High-quality and long-lasting for its stainless steel material.

Cool and eye-catching appearance, just like a bat.

New and unique design with serrated claws.

Smooth and polished exterior for hand comfort.

Strong and hardness, hook claws reaches the highest level of hardness by using oil quenching process.

Small and lightweight, easy to carry with you anywhere.

Compact with foldable claws, can expand and collapse.

With claws, it can grab objects exactly.

With two rubber O-rings, it can tighten and fasten the grappling hook.

Simple and easy to use.

Strong bearing, can hold weight up to about 42g.

Multi-purposes as an opener, object grabber, a key ring, etc.

Used for disaster relief, anchoring, grappling falling objects, etc.

Versatile and multifunctional tool, suitable for outdoor activities like camping, wilderness survival training and adventure activities.


General Material: Stainless steel
Color: Silver
Dimension & Weight Gravity hook size: 68.5 * 46 * 15mm / 2.7 * 1.81 * 0.59in 
Gravity hook weight: 41g / 1.45oz
Package size: 10 * 7 * 2cm / 3.94 * 2.76 * 0.79in
Package weight: 56g / 1.48oz
Package Contents 1 * Small gravity hook
2 * Small rubber O-rings