Rcharlance LED Propeller Guard for DJI Mavic Air RC Quadcopter

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Eliminate potential safety hazards,a must for beginners and junior users.

To avoid bad landing such as scratching a car, cutting a child, dropping like a stone,Landing more,smooth.

When hit wall,tree or whatever, as long as the propellers rotate, your device will always keep balanced. It will stay in air instead of dropping down.

Light weight,75g totally, not adding the flight weight

Quick release,easy to install and remove.

Designed for Mavic Air,enjoy the night flying.

Ultra light and easy to install.

LED light emitting technology, energy saving, high light, long lifespan.



Brand: Rcharlance
Item Name: LED Propeller Guard
Weight(one side): 125g
Installation Circumference: 328 x 310 x 63mm
Battery model: 3.7V 150mAh Li-po
Battery charger: 5V 1A
Package Size: 170 x 170 x 65mm

Package Contents

4 x LED Propeller Guard
1 x USB Charger

Note: Drone not included