KINGKONG Tiny 7 75mm Micro FPV Racing Quacopter with 800TVL CMOS Camera Micro F3 Brush Flight Controller PNP(Yellow)

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Micro FPV Quadcopter Kit

VTX CAM 16CH transmitter, Cmos 1/3 800TVL HD camera,Mini camera is the eye that can capture all the details.

High Performance Motors

It comes equipped with our high performance 720 brushed motors, mounting hole 1mm.

Improved Flight Controller

The open-source Micro F3(FC+VTX+Brushed ESC All in one PCB)brushed flight controller runs CleanFlight and supports PPM, DSM, or SBUS signals.

500mAh Lipo Battery

500mAh 3.7V 30C Lipo flight battery,can provide up to 5 minutes of flight and can be conveniently recharged with the included USB charger.



Item Name: Tiny 7
Wheelbase: 75mm
Weight: 32.4g(Battery Not Included)
Propeller: 40mm
Flight Controller: Micro F3(Betaflight) Brush
VTX: 25mW/16CH
Camera: 800TVL
FOV: 150°
Motor: ?720 Brushed
Battery: 3.7V 500mAh 30C
Charger: 200mA/500mA(Switchable 1s One-way Charger USB Or 2~6s Lipo Powered)

Receiver: DSM2 (Recommended remote control:JR?Walkera?Spektrum)

Frequency table:

5658Mhz  5806Mhz  5705Mhz  5790Mhz
5695Mhz  5843Mhz  5740Mhz  5820Mhz
5732Mhz  5880Mhz  5760Mhz  5860Mhz
5769Mhz  5917Mhz  5780Mhz  5945Mhz

Package Contents

1 X Frame kit
1 X Canopy
1 X Propeller Set(2XCW 2XCCW )
1 X 800TVL Camera
1 X F3 FC + VTX + Brushed ESC All In One PCB
1 X 3.7V 500mAh 30C Battery
4 X 720 Motor
1 X one-way Charger
1 X Wrench



Package Details





Package Includes
1 X Frame kit,1 X Canopy,1 X Propeller Set(2XCW 2XCCW ) ,1 X 800TVL Camera,1 X F3 FC + VTX + Brushed ESC All In One PCB,1 X 3.7V 500mAh 30C Battery,4 X 720 Motor,1 X one-way Charger,1 X Wrench