Kaisi S-170 Soldering Station Mat Magnetic Heat Insulation Silicone Pad

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124 screws position and 3 pcs part boxes with lid, 18 notches to make your work easy.
It resists corrosion and out of shape, its made of high quality silicone.
The mat has excellent heat insulation performance, the soldering iron can directly solder in the mat.
Anti-Slip and Anti-static Design, both surface and back side are adopting the anti-slip design.
It is an ideal product for soldering electronics assembly or electronics and circuit board repair.
S170 insulation pad made of vulcanized silica gel, with easy to break, high elasticity, high heat resistance, high tensile strength and insoluble in organic solvents and other characteristics.
Product increase 18mm and 20mm two specifications of the motherboard fixed card bit, can be directly fixed maintenance.
480mmx318mm large work area, can place more maintenance tools, improve work efficiency.

General Item Name: Kaisi S-170Soldering Station Mat
Size: 480 x 318cm
Working Mat Temperature: ≤843 °F
Color: Blue
Package Contents

1 x Heat-resistant Repair Pad with magnetic


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Package Includes
1 x Heat-resistant Repair Pad with magnetic