FQ777-124 Micro Drone 4CH 6Axis Gyro Pocket Quadcopter Switchable Controller CF Mode One Key To Return 3D Roll MAV RTF(Red)

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MINI POCKET DRONE with CF mode(headless): a function through which the aircraft will consider the direction opposite to that of the remote control as the correct one by default when it flies to a height where the operator is not able to judge the direction of the aircraft head with bare eyes, so that he/she can go on with the remaining positions

One key return: auto return of the aircraft after GPS positioning on the basis of signals emitted by remote control while it is hovering in good condition, saving the operation from redundant manipulations

Unique printing, attractive design, mini size which allows for indoors or limited space flight

MINI POCKET DRONE customized controller: functions as a storage box for the drone as well as spare parts

The pocket-sized dedicated controller: able to carry the drone/carry spare parts/recharge the drone

MODE1/MODE2 one key to switch: allows everyone to play it, no matter you are mode1er or mode2er

Rotor protector, landing gears included: for protection of rotors and motors, preventing any operator from accidental injuries

Controller equipped with a charging cable: allowing for charge by batteries in the controller

USB cable accessorized

Built-in Lipo battery: features over-charge/discharge protection, while the powerful motors performs inpeccable fliping


Model FQ777-124
Quantity 1 Piece
Color Blue
Recharging Time 20mins
Battery For Quadcopter 3.7V 100 mAh/25C(included)
Battery For Transmiter 4 x AA Battery (not included)
Camera: N/A
AV Transmitter N/A
For the first time, please fully charge it
Installing the landing gear after adjusting the frequency to ensure the gyroscope calibrate accurately
Dimensions & Weight (Main Product)
Dimension Quadcopter Size: 7x7x2.7cm
Controller Size: 14×8.5×4.1cm
Package Contents
1 x FQ777 mini pocket drone(included a 3.7V 100 mah/25C Li-po battery)
1 x Remote Control Transmitter
8 x Propeller(2sets)
1 x Rotor protector
3 x Landing gear (motor protector)
1 x Quadcopter Battery USB Charger
1 x Instruction manual



Package Details





Package Includes
1 x FQ777 mini pocket drone(included a 3.7V 100 mah/25C Li-po battery),1 x Remote Control Transmitter,8 x Propeller(2sets),1 x Rotor protector,3 x Landing gear (motor protector),1 x Quadcopter Battery USB Charger,1 x Instruction manual