Feiyu Tech FY WG2 WaterProof Wearable Gimbal for GoPro Hero5/4/ Session and Similar Dimensions Action Camera

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Excellent Waterproof Tech

The WG2 improvement design combine with waterproof Tech, which make it be used under water about 0.5m, snorkeling in rainy day, surfing and so on. In addition to waterproof, the integrated sealed structure is also applicable to different harsh environments such as sandy, dusty etc.


The WG2 can follow planned rotation route that you set manually, which turns the complicated time-lapse photography to be easy and funny.

Wide Camera Compatibility

The WG2 comes with exchange mount for Gopro 4/5/ Session cameras, you can replace the mount with hand, no need any tools.

Compact but Powerful

The WG2 is one of the most compact and lightweight motorized stabilizer, yet it provides impressive torque in all three motors to resist all shakes in action

Solid and Steady

The WG2 is delicately produced by adopting metal CNC precision process to ensure high standard resistance to impact and provide uncompromised performance



Compatible Camera: WG2 is compatible with GoPro 4/GroPro 3+/GroPro 3 without backpack LCD/YI 4K / SJCAM/AEE,etc, and the cameras with similar size as Gopro.The maximum payload is 130g. It can also compatible with Hero4/5 Session by mounting session fixture.

Battery type: Build-in battery,1500mAh,3.7V
Battery life(working) time: 2.5h
Charging time: 2h at least
Grade of waterproof: IP67

How to balance it: With the movement of the rolling arm to find the perfect balance status for camera. And there is special mark for Hero4/5 in the rolling arm.

Power on and off:  POWER ON: Long-press the function button until the green light is on.
(release it until the beep is on).
POWER OFF: Long-press the function button until the light is solid red.
(release it until the beep is on)

Working mode(operate with function button):

1 Single tap: Switch between panning mode and lock mode
2 Double tap:Panning and tilting mode, enter and exit lock mode by
single-tapping in this mode
3 Triple tap:Rotate 180°in horizontal
4 Quadruple tap:Auto-rotation Mode(check more details in special user manual)
5 Fifth tap:Initialization

Mounting way:
Inverted mounted(The camera in left or right side will be both fine)
Vertical mounted(The camera in left or right side will be both fine)
Forward mounted(The camera in left or right side will be both fine)

Available rotated angle in 3-axis:
tilting Angle:  360° (unlimited)
Rolling Angle:  70°(The rolling angle can’t not be changed )
Panning Angle: 360°(unlimited)

Weight: 265g(without the camera)

General accessories:
USB Cable*1, Session fixture*1, Fixed block*1(keep the gimbal fixed while power off)

Extensible accessories: Smart remote, Extension bar T700, Tri-pod

Main functions for users:
Initialize the gimbal, Manually set up the starting and ending position of Time Lapse.Manually lock the tilting motor in any direction. Upgrade the firmware in PC or Mac,Upgrade and set up the parameter with Feiyu On. Remote control the gimbal by smart remote within 4m.

Extensible port:
1/4inch screw hole at the bottom and back side.
M2mm screw thread at the side of 1/4inch screw hole to fix the T-clamp.

Main features:
Several working mode, suitable for all the accessories of gopro base adapter with T-Clamp,Connect the WG to helmet,bicycle,selfile pole,etc.
And compatible with extension bar and tri-pod with 1/4 inch screw hole.

Package Contents 1 X Feiyu Tech FY WG2 WaterProof Wearable Gimbal
1 X Splash-Proof Case
1 X Feiyu USB Cable
1 X Adapter Mount For GoPro Session


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Package Includes
1 X Feiyu Tech FY WG2 WaterProof Wearable Gimbal,1 X Splash-Proof Case,1 X Feiyu USB Cable,1 X Adapter Mount For GoPro Session