125K Serial UART RFID Card Reader Module w/ Coil / ID Key for Arduino

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This is a radio frequency ID card reader module that can read the ID card's serial number. It can help to design the intelligent access control system. When the module sensed ID card, it will convert the card number into a 9-digit hexadecimal number, each digit of which will be converted into ASCII code. Then it adds the starting byte and 5 other bytes, so a total of 15 bytes output to the serial port. You can convert it into a decimal number that is the serial number engraved on the ID card.
Great for DIY.

Type RFID Card Reader
Support Card Type Read-only ID cards (such as EM4100, EM4001, etc.)
Operation Working voltage: 4.5-5.5VDC
Working current: 40mA (max)
Working frequency: 125KHz
Distance Reading distance: 2-5cm
Logic Interface UART TTL serial port
Communication format 8N1

Baud rate

Induction coil: pluggable

Coil size: 35X40mm
Coil lead length: 15cm

Compatible Arduino
Applications Access control systems, Attendance system
Package Contents

1 x module
1 x copper coil
1 x ID key


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Package Includes
1 x module,1 x copper coil,1 x ID key